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#WCW Meredith Dean- The Dean's List

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Sasha Matthews | 0 comments

                                                                                 Meredith Dean

City/State: New York, NY
Program: The Dean's List 
Tell us about your program : The Dean's List was created by UGA grad Meredith Dean in 2014 to help brand young professionals and score them the job of their dreams through a digital showcase of their accomplishments. Since its inception, The Dean's List clients range from college students to famous anchors, to a machinery business, to a non-profit organization and a Miss America Pageant contestant. These online portfolios allow you to show who you really are outside of a one-page resume, give a great first impression to employers/clients, provide a flexible way to organize, archive, and display work and accomplishments, and finally, connect with a wider audience by increasing your visibility.

The Dean's List has also been Meredith's way of being able to give back globally. 5% of the profits of each portfolio goes to her family's non-profit organization, Habitat Aid Initiative. Habitat Aid's vision is to alleviate poverty in Western Kenya and assist in developing sustainable communities by networking with government officials, community leaders and other NGO’s both local and international. In the Khwisero district and other parts of Western Kenya, Habitat Aid has built girls schools, wells, and clinics to improve the health and education of those overcoming poverty.

Through the Dean's List, Meredith hopes to spread the message of women empowerment and taking charge of your own future through hard work and respect.
What inspired you to get started? When I was visiting the Khwisero Girls School in Kenya during the Summer of 2014, I was talking to some of the women students outside of their dining hall. I asked them what they all wanted their profession to be, and they were all so ambitious. Whether they answered with doctor, scientist, teacher, or journalist, they were 100% positive in their answers and knew they had to work hard to get there. One woman who said she wanted to become a journalist said that they started a journalism club because of me (after I had visited the summer before). I was so deeply touched by these inspirational and driven women who struggled daily that I decided I wanted to help as many young professionals through empowering others. The Dean's List does just that by making people more confident in the job search with their online portfolios that showcase an entire lifetime's work filled with achievements. The profits can help these women make their dreams a  reality.
Who/What helped prepare you to start? 
  • Love and support of family and friends
  • Entrepreneurial Father
  • A future vision of girls from the Khwisero Girls School doing the job of their dreams in their chosen field
  • University of Georgia Education
Who/what has been most influential in supporting you?  
  • Other women starting businesses, women in power
  • Peers, family, and friends
  • Habitat Aid Initiative
  • UGA Mentors
How can others get involved if they're interested?
Brand Ambassador Program (Paid Internship): 
Get your own online portfolio: 
If you had one word of advice for other women wanting to make an impact what would it be? 
-Sheryl Sandberg

-Anne Frank

Always support one another, always help others even when it's not asked for, and always believe in your own success.

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