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Bené in NYC - Desk Side Meetings

Posted on December 08, 2014 by Noemie T | 0 comments


 New York! New York! This trip was so long overdue, yet so worth the wait! Last month Michelle and I finally made it to the Big Apple at the same time. After an 18 hour train ride from Cincinnati on my part and Michelle's extensive search for bargain plane tickets from Atlanta (gotta love an entrepreneurial budget) we were more than excited to be there.




With samples from our Spring/Summer '15 Collection in hand - and may I say how absolutely beautiful these new pieces are - we took off to the city for our first Desk Side meeting. This was the first time either one of us had ever done anything like this. We were excited, anxious, but ready. We had our pitch and we were both ready to spit off our lines on cue. Over 2 days we met with fashion editors/representatives from Redbook, Good Housekeeping, PureWow, Consious Commerce and The Huffington Post. They were all amazing. Everyone we met with were really welcoming and receptive to both our story and our scarves. Each person seemed to have a different favorite, which is great news for us!   It's crazy how much goes into this time. We prepared for weeks, from getting samples to scheduling the meetings, running through the subway with no shoes to make it on time (the heels had to go), all for what's arguably some of the most important 15 minutes you'll have as a start up fashion line. Every time we walked into a building we were just so overwhelmed that we were even there and to have the opportunity to sit face to face with these influencers.We're crossing our fingers for some great features in the future but regardless of the outcome we had a great time and a great experience. From inching our way home after a full day in the city in heels (not the best idea ladies) to lugging over-packed suitcases through the streets/bus/subways to get to the airport, it was all worth it and that much more fun experiencing it together.   


Before signing off we have to give a special Thank You to everyone who made this trip possible for us: To our publicist Melissa- every chance we get we have to thank you for working with us in the first place and more specifically this time for making all these meetings possible. To our Textile Designer Jonquel - Thanks for creating these gorgeous patterns for us to show off and for helping us get to and from New York. To my cousin Sade and Nedjra- Thanks for letting us crash your house during our visit, we'll be back ;)  


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