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Fashion Makes A Difference

Posted on July 01, 2014 by Sasha Matthews | 0 comments

Fashion is often dubbed vain and superficial. People perceive the industry as a cruel world where the competition is cut-throat, and it is all about making money. However, as more and more retailers have been proving lately, fashion can be so much more than that – it can make a difference. Check out the initiatives that some of the top designers and companies undertake to support their communities, help those in need, and make our world a better place! 
1. The Tory Burch Foundation 
Admired by many, Tory Burch is not only a talented designer and a top-notch entrepreneur, but also a founder of her very own charity organization. Through it, she provides loans, education, mentoring, and financial support to American women who aspire to be entrepreneurs. 

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 2. The Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation 
Started by one of America’s finest fashion designers, this organization strives to lift up struggling communities from poverty, by providing them with service and means for education. The foundation is also highly engaged in multiple cancer care initiatives. 

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  3. Shop For A Cause
This annual charity program started by Macy’s is a special shopping day hosted by all Macy’s stores across the country. During it, customers can buy a $5 coupon that will take 25% off of their future purchase. 100% of the proceeds from the coupons go to chosen charity organizations. Since the beginning in 2006, Shop for a Cause has raised over $42 million.

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 4. Chime for Change 
Founded by Gucci, Chime For Change is a global organization that through various initiatives (events such as concerts or 
documentary films) raises the funds to empower women and young girls worldwide. It focuses on providing equal education, health, and justice, as well as on bringing awareness to the gender inequalities that are still so often overlooked in our society. Chime For Change has successfully conducted over 300 projects in 80 countries across the globe.

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What do you think about these projects? Do you know of any other fashion companies that have a charitable aspect? Tell us what you think in the comments! 

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