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In 2011, during the summer of my sophomore year at the University of Georgia as a marketing and fashion merchandising major, I took a trip to Ghana for a study abroad program. During my trip, I visited various programs that take in girls and empower them through educational opportunities to equip them with the tools to live independently. I immediately fell in love with the girls that we met and was in awe of the girls’ spirit. Despite the material possessions they seemingly didn’t have, they had so much joy and love to give. Forever changed by my experience I shared my admiration of the girls with my best friend Sasha, a mathematics major at Florida A&M University. Together, we marveled at the hope of the girls in Ghana. More importantly, we knew we had a part to play and decided to work together to make a positive and sustainable difference in the girls’ lives, the lives of their families and their country. In 2013, Bené was born, a collection of scarves, inspired by the culture where this all began and committed to providing an education to girls in Ghana by sponsoring tuition, books, supplies and the uniforms for the girls to continue their education and fulfill their dreams. Sasha and I hope to inspire others to do good in their communities and the world at large in their everyday lives. When choosing a name for our company, we scoured the dictionary and thesaurus for words that would reflect the spirit of our mission. We came across the word ‘Benevolent’ meaning ‘characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feeling; Desiring to help others’. Bené is derived from this word with a simple meaning- 'good'.