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Atlanta Apparel Mart Trade Show

Posted on February 09, 2015 by Sasha Matthews | 0 comments

We came. We Saw. We Conquered! We just wrapped up our very first Trade Show at the Atlanta Apparel Mart and it was quite an experience. Set up started on Wednesday and we were welcomed by a small, empty space in the Emerging Designers Section of the Mart. Team work made the dream work when it came to booth set up from choosing the layout to smaller details like and flowers.  After a couple of Walmart runs and re-runs; hunting for just the right flowers and lugging around a rug for a space we obviously overestimated,our booth turned out beautifully. We tried to keep it simple, light and airy. We made a few minor adjustments as the days went on just from general learnings, like having a few styles displayed from the top and putting a running slide show up which made the appeal that much greater. 











The first day of market was admittedly a bit slow in terms of foot traffic but we immediately connected with our fellow Emerging Designers and solidified our little family bond. Ann and her mom Lori from Burgwin Studios stole our hearts right away. Not only do they have beautiful hand made jewelry, they have a heart of gold - definitely check them out! Right next to us was Jenny from Costume Party with wonderful, fun  pieces made by South American Artisans and man can this girl make a cocktail! Then we had our neighbors to the right of us with Jewel Bra Straps- pretty neat! Everyone that walked past us got the pitch " Hey, Check out our scarves, we help support girls in Ghana go through High School." It was great to see how many people connected with what we were doing, even if they weren't in the market for scarves, many took the time to stop and look and commend us on our efforts. The traffic picked up as the days went on and we got to meet a ton of other great people and form some great relationships. The icing on the cake... we got orders!! Next season Bene will be featured in online and local Boutiques in places such as North Carolina and Iowa! We're super excited to have these relationships and we can't wait to expand our reach. Until Next time Apparel Mart! 







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