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Benè Named 1 of "11 Black Owned Businesses That Are Changing The World"

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Sasha Matthews | 0 comments

It's a great feeling when you wake up on the right side of the bed and greeted with great news. Last week yours truly had the complete honor of being named one of the many Black Owned business that are changing the world! Michelle and I literally had a mini freak out moment when we saw it that morning. We are in such good company listed among other awesome businesses that are using their platform to help others and make an impact in the world we live in. Educating young women is a cause that is truly near and dear to our hearts and there's so much more work to do within this space. Thanks to all of you for helping us on our mission and thank you Mashable for adding even more fuel to the fire!

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Wish Dish x Benè : Partnership

Posted on January 15, 2016 by Sasha Matthews | 0 comments

Two weeks ago, Wish Dish and Bene Scarves had the opportunity to join in partnership and celebrate women empowerment through the sharing of four different stories by very successful women. The founder of Wish Dish, Bryan Wish approached Michelle Blue, co-founder of Bene in early October about how both brands could work together to create opportunities for women to express themselves around Bene’s core values. Michelle thought of the idea of creating #beneboss and before we knew it, we were off to work to showcase four amazing women.

The four stories generated 2,500+ views and the authors received amazing feedback about how they were an inspiration. Through the partnership, a $500 sponsorship was given by First Heritage Mortgage  to Sista Works, Bene’s non-profit partner. First Heritage’s generous donation benefited  girls in Sista Works providing tuition, books and school supplies.


To highlight the stories, the first story was Call Me Crazy, How Bene Started , by Michelle Blue. She discussed how she came up with the idea for Bene on a trip abroad and pursued her dream after graduating when the majority of students went into the corporate world. The next story, Being a Mom and Forming my Business , was written by Altrichia Cook. Altrichia became pregnant in college, was working multiple jobs, and then started a business to support herself. Her journey is a testament of her willpower to see a better life for herself. The next article featured Amanda Boleyn, called She Did it Her Way . Amanda discussed how she was unhappy with the corporate world at Target, left her job, then found an amazing company that she does consulting work for while traveling the world. Our last article in the series was written by Kelsey Ehlers who created a foundation called the Ab Fab girls  that helps girls with their physical and emotional health through the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

The story series between Bene and Wish Dish wouldn’t have been possible without these four amazing women who have a desire to influence the world in a better way and inspire others to do the same. We cannot thank our sponsor First Heritage Mortgage for their generous contribution to benefit the SistaWorks cause.

If you have a story to share, please visit and to learn more about bene scarves, please visit


Bryan Wish

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