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Woman Crush Wednesday: Natalie Hemmati

Posted on December 16, 2015 by Mallory Wilkerson | 0 comments

We love women that celebrate other women and that's what the new magazine, Darling, does as it takes the world by storm. We've had our eyes on Darling for a while. Unlike so many magazines, they don't paint unrealistic images of women in their pages. The magazine celebrates all types of women and never uses photoshop to alter women's faces or bodies. Whoa! How cool is that!


The magazine's fashion is always on fleek so this week we're crushing on fashion editor, Natalie Hemmati. 

Natalie brings so much life to Darling's photos with her creative styling and she inspires us to do the same with our outfits and scarves.

According to Natalie, "My zest for life and inherit curiosity, have instilled in me a lust for wanting more and leaving no stone unturned."

We love that. Be curious this Wednesday. 

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