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Benè Moment - Absolutely Fabulous Girls!

Posted on July 25, 2014 by Noemie T | 0 comments

Great moments are worth celebrating, Benè Moments are worth shouting from the roof tops. Good people are doing good things all around us in our communities everyday. Taking a second to acknowledge these people and programs are the least we can do. Today we'll be hearing from Kelsey of Ab Fab Girls! 


Name: Kelsey Ehlers

City, State: Atlanta, GA

Age: 25

Your Benevolent Act: I started a girl's mentorship program for Middle School girls with the Boys & Girls Club 

Name of Program: Ab Fab Girls - Absolutely Fabulous! :) 

What inspired you to start the program?: I struggled through middle school and wish I had this guidance

Who/What helped prepare you to start?: I volunteered for a similar program- Girl Talk

Who/What has been most influential in supporting you?: Lori Oliver originally brought me into Girl Talk, and Allyson Young has really helped the program take off with Women's Giving Circle. 

How can others get involved?: Come see us on Wednesdays at the Brookhaven Boys & Girls Club! Or visit the Women's Giving Circle webpage to get connected!

If you had one word of advice for other girls wanting to get involved and make a difference what would you say? Even just as one person, you can make such a big difference if you decide to. You impact every person you interact with, make it a positive impact! 





If you or someone you know is doing good in your community, no matter how big or small,  let us know so we can celebrate them! Email us at 


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